About us

Professional photographers, Registered Tour Guides  with The Department of Tourism, South Africa and Department of Transport permitted vehicles.

Photo Tours Cape Town is owned and managed by professional photographers, who are well travelled locally and internationally. With LOTS of experience of what not do to when travelling. This means that we DO know what photographers need. Photo Tours Cape Town caters for the photographer visiting Cape Town and surrounding areas, in need of a guide and a company that understands the special needs of a travelling photographer. All tours are private and exclusive, with a maximum of 4-6 persons. With us you ARE the tour

Our venture started when we booked local tourist guides for ourselves, to help us learn more about Cape Town and surrounding areas, purely for our own pleasure, but ended up with plenty research and travelling, followed by training and registration as Tourist guides ourselves. As photographers, we realise the value of having a guide - even in our own city. 

Being professional photographers ourselves, we understand light and photographic limitations. Although we offer guided trips to general places of interest like most other guides or tour operators, we aim to to help you get your best shots, at the best places, often off the beaten track. 

We are experienced teachers and knowledge is shared freely. 

Languages spoken: English and Afrikaans. We would especially like to invite Deaf  and hearing impaired travellers.


Eric Miller 

Eric Miller is one of the most widely published and experienced photojournalists working in South Africa.

In the 1980s, he documented the struggle against apartheid and since the 1990s he has covered various aspects of the transformation process in South Africa, as well as travelling extensively across Africa on assignment for various European publications

Eric has worked in over 26 African countries, plus many others further afield, producing an extensive archive of documentary stock and some travel images from countries including Botswana, Cuba, Congo (DRC), Liberia, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Rwanda, Senegal, Sudan, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Eric's work has been published in most major magazines in South Africa and is regularly used in a range of major publications across Europe and the United States.


Elsa Hoffmann 

Elsa is a well published  internationally acclaimed photographer with a fine art shooting style. Elsa has an interest in capturing the spirit of people, the raw reality of life, joys, sorrows, great moments and tragic circumstances, including everything nature related. 

Photographing the endangered Great White Shark is another passion and speciality. 

Elsa is widely published and  has worked with many international celebrities on a private and commercial basis, including bands like Magna Carta, Matthys Barnhoorn and many more. When not shooting or teaching, Elsa Guides guests on tour in Cape Town. 

Elsa loves teaching, and hosts many courses - Studio lighting, Photography and Adobe Photoshop.  Elsa has a legal background in Deceased Estate Administration, is a qualified Scuba Instructor, a website designer and in a previous life -  one of South Africa's most successful Parrot Breeders.                       www.elsa.co.za   &   www.intimateimages.co.za