Big 5

We visit a private game reserve, just more than an hour’s drive from Cape Town. South Africa is world renowned for the BIG 5 – LION, RHINO, BUFFALO, ELEPHANT AND LEOPARD and of course  it’s hospitality. To make the most of your visit to the Game Reserve - you need to understand more about the Game Lodge. You will experience a very intimate encounter. This doesn't mean you go up and pet the animals, it means you will get close. So close you will without doubt, get great images and a great experience. Although they have the Big 5, please understand that the mountain Leopard is free roaming in the mountains - and are rare to see, and usually only at night. 

Join us for an amazing safari. Tucked away at the foot of the world famous Brandwacht mountains, in a peaceful rustic environment near Cape Town, this Big 5 Game Reserve is surrounded by Proteas and fynbos vegetation and  offers game drives and bush safaris.  

Stay overnight and hear the lions roar in the evening and early morning, an experience you will never forget as long as you live. Experience the game intimately. Enjoy a nature walk up to the Dam wall - a very comfortable walk and worth seeing and photographing. You will meet 2 rhino who survived their horns being hacked off by poachers and left for dead. 

Fairy Glen is committed to improving the reserve as well as your experience. Fairy Glen is Cape Town's closest mostly free-roaming Big 5 game reserve. Fairy Glen is a must see if you visit Cape Town and want to see our Big 5.  If you visit Cape Town, this is the perfect place to stop or stay over and eventually leave with only beautiful memories. Fairy Glen Big 5 safaris was awarded the Best destination winner for exhibition excellence in the category Game Lodges, B&B, Guesthouses, Hotels and Resorts.   Bucket list stuff! 


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