Tripadvisor: Why we are not listed?  - this is a tricky one - but the short answer is - Tripadvisor doesn't cater for custom tours. One of our main reasons for being successful as a business - is our flexibility. We don't HAVE hours... Tripadvisor also only allows day tours - no multi-day or overnight tours. You might see that this would create the wrong impression which is what we want to avoid. 


No photographer wants to be rushed. And that is the problem with any standard tour. You managed to put up with us and never rushed us (only to finish our meals so we could keep shooting.)  We left feeling that we got bang for our buck, and hope we will remain friends and be able to return. Jim Aspey - United kingdom.

I am sure you never expected local guests. We are familiar with South Africa, yet you showed us what our country is really about, and for that we will always be grateful. We learned a lot. We hope one day to return the favour. Jack & Jeanne.

Driving ourselves would have been a nightmare since you all drive on the wrong side of the road! A bit back to front for us - but there was nothing back to front about the photographic opportunities you made available. Being able to shoot where you shoot and avoiding the tourist spots was terrific. We experienced Cape Town exactly like we wanted to. Pete Rooseman

Cape Town is beautiful. Touring with you was rewarding, we got some fantastic photos. My favourites were the sunbirds, they were so close and easy to photograph. Definitely the highlight of my trip.  It felt like we were travelling with a friend who was proud to us her home.Bernard A.

From day one, this was a fabulous experience. Your knowledge was fantastic and you shared so much of your country, teaching us that South Africa is nothing like we read in our newspapers. We looked forward to each day! The pace was perfect and this was why we booked with you. Thank you Elsa for a fantastic holiday. Next time we will be doing the sharks! Paul W. 

This was probably one of our favourite trips ever taken.  A wonderful way to celebrate our 10th overseas trip. The landscape was beautiful, the food was good, photo opportunities plentiful and the company excellent. Arnold & Keith

Thank you for being an excellent and caring hostess. You truly went out of your way to make sure I was comfortable, had everything I needed and you prepared me well about what to bring and what to expect. You took extra care to provide me with the snacks and food I liked. I did not realise South African food was this good. The Cape Malay restaurant especially.  JD Horn. 

Our kind thanks for a wonderful and interesting tour. Not only did we get the shots we wanted, we got so much more. We truly felt as if the tour was designed around our needs and interests and not a hop-on-a-bus tour. Definitely recommended and we will return. A & S Weengard.

Where did all the birds come from! Thanks for your hospitality and kindness. Being able to make use of your accommodation was an added bonus especially with leaving early and returning late. And thank you for supplying all the chargers we forgot to bring. You certainly are knowledgeable about your surroundings.Alvin MacClean.  

Before meeting Elsa, I didn't really have any idea where to see and what to do. She was super helpful to me and she planned every single step of my trip! She is a photographer and she always hosts internationals from all over the world so she know the city and beaches very well. The studio is super nice. The beds are comfortable. She supplies many clean towels. The neighborhood is super quite and safe. You can take uber to anywhere around which is very cheap. If you want to go to the beaches and see the seals, penguins and maybe go do wine&tasting, all you have to do is to rent a car and ask Elsa for the suggestions! She really is the best host I have ever OZGUN SIMEKLI - TURKEY

Thank you very, very much for taking us around in the beautiful Constantia today, and for open up your home for us as well. I am very glad I found you and all you have fixed for me regarding photo in SA. I will certainly be in contact with you for next photo tour ! All the best from. Hans & Beatrice (sweden)

Hi Elsa, Thank you for the nice note! You made our visit to Cape Town very special. We learned so much and saw and photographed spectacular beauty! We've recommended you to one of our group on the Namibia tour. Thank you again for a fabulous tour! Fondly, Andy and Ann

Thanks Elsa for a great day.  Definitely something that bears repeating when I next have some time in Cape Town.  Will send some of my pics once I can process them - the sunrise shots with the warming grad in particular look to be keepers. Cheers. Todd (Vancouver) Canada.
Today I experienced the Circle of life! With the best game driver (and damn funny) we found everything today. Luke Wyckoff  - Denver Colorado. 

Hi Eric/Elsa,
Sadly we are back home in cold London. I just wanted to say a big thank you once again for a lovely day last week. I had an absolute blast and it was my pleasure to spend the day with you. 
As a piece of advice, it would be good if you were on tripadvisor so I can write a review.
Another point is that the other photo tours available were group tours that were rigid and focused around the Cape Peninsula whereas you guys created a bespoke tour to fit around what I wanted to see and avoid any repeats - this was a clear attraction to me and having the township tour to Langa was an additional bonus to an already fantastic day.
I hope my feedback was useful as I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know others would too.
Please keep in touch and let me know if you ever decide to venture to London/UK.
Many Thanks,