Flowers & Fynbos

West Coast (Namaqualand flower tour)

A trip to the West Coast during flower season to visit the beautiful display of flowers. Carpet-like, and for miles on end. Visitors from over the world come to see and photograph this spectacular view.

This tour can be done in a day but you will only visit a small part of what there is to see. We therefor recommend a 2 -3 day tour to allow for travelling and many stops on the way, as well as enable us to get to more locations as each is different and to see which flowers and plants are flowering.

This tour allows for landscape and close up opportunities, as well as some small town historical and street photography. This tour only runs from late August to mid October - but this aso depends on the weather.  

Fynbos and Botanical

“Fynbos” (Fine bush) is the world renowned natural vegetation of the Cape Floral kingdom which is found in a 100 – 200km coastal belt and had been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of the world’s six floral kingdoms, this is the smallest and richest per unit of area.

The Fynbos is extremely diverse, with more than 9000 species occurring in the coastal belt, and about 6200 of these are endemic. 

The King Protea is our national flower, and our Rugby team is named after this majestic flower.

Any photographer interested in Botany in any form, fine art photography, insects and butterflies or landscapes, will find this tour informative and enjoyable. 

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